Hello! My name is Eilish!

It's a great pleasure you arrived at my site, now...

Let me help you sing!

For over 20 years I'd trained in all the new singing techniques that had appeared (specially with Speech Level Singing and Estill Voice certified teachers), studying different styles, included pop, jazz, rock, metal, opera or musical theater.

I started singing when I was very young, by the age of 8 I was already singing in choirs, I started studying since then as a self-taught since my parents didn't believe it was the "profession for me", so I didn't have the chance to pay for a teacher.

As soon as I could pay the lessons with my own money, I started studying with different teachers, both from classical and modern techniques. In my way to find the best singing technique and to keep my voice healthy for as long as possible, I studied phoniatrics and speech therapy so I could understand better how our body works when singing.

Pleased to meet you!

Then I realized that my goal was to help other people to fullfill their dreams in being big singing stars and fly higher than they ever dreamed of.

Now I'd found the best way to teach you how to reach your inner singer, to be as great as you can be.

No matter where are you in the world, we can work together.

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